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Quickly create bibliographies for students

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Posted December 06, 2011 in NoveList K-8 Plus

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Need to create student bibliographies? Here are some tips from a real-world example.

Recently, Susi Grissom of the Travis TAG Vanguard/Academy Library (Dallas, TX) needed to come up with a reading list of historical fiction for a project on the American Revolution. Using NoveList, she was able to quickly and easily come up with a list of relevant titles. She was so pleased with the results that she emailed NoveList with her compliments. Susi wrote:

Just wanted you to know that I used NoveList for a project this week and was thrilled with the results. I needed to create a list of historical fiction, set during the American Revolution, for a 5th grade Social Studies project. I decided to use NoveList to get a list of titles and did a search for fiction, ages 9-12, "American Revolution."  The return was 109 titles which I then evaluated and placed in a usable bibliography to share with the students. It was a pleasure putting this list together!

NoveList staff member Beth Gerall responded to Susi with even more suggestions. Beth suggested that she look for the "Lists & Articles" tab (see illustration at right) in the search results -- this section contains special ready-to-go lists built by expert NoveList contributors.

The Lists & Articles section contains Grab & Go Book Lists on exactly the subject Susi needed -- you can download an example below to see what's there.

Download a Grab & Go Book List

Here is a Grab & Go Book List that is a great example of the kind of lists available in NoveList:

Sample Grab & Go Book List: Grades 3-5 > Revolutionary War, 1775-1779




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