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Strategies for Finding Books for Common Core

Post by Beth Gerall
Posted September 10, 2012 in Kids & Book News, NoveList K-8 Plus, NoveList Plus

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Are you an educator trying to find Common Core resources for your classroom? Or a librarian compiling lists of books that meet specific criteria for text complexity? With the rollout of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), many educators are struggling to find the right, high-quality reading materials that will help students succeed. NoveList can help.

We’d like to describe a few of the ways that that you can use NoveList to find books that meet your students’ learning needs. NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus include series nonfiction and narrative nonfiction titles that are just the kind of “informational” texts specified in the Common Core standards.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Download our pre-made Common Core lists

NoveList has compiled several lists of high-quality nonfiction titles to specifically coordinate with science and history lessons. To find these lists in NoveList K-8 Plus:

  1. Enter Common Core in the NoveList K-8 Plus search box
  2. From the Result List, select the Lists & Articles tab

Note: These Common Core lists are currently only available in NoveList K-8 Plus (not NoveList K-8). They are an experimental area for us and we would love to hear your feedback on them. Over the coming months, our expert content creators will deliver more specially-developed CCSS content for all grades.


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2. Use Grab and Go Book Lists for quick lists of curriculum-based books

NoveList’s Grab and Go Book Lists are curriculum-based lists focused on topics that teachers and librarians need. Each list features a range of Lexile levels to accommodate students in each grade. Grab and Go Book Lists are updated yearly to ensure that the titles included are easily accessible to teachers and librarians. To find these lists in NoveList:

  1. Click the Advanced Search link
  2. Select Grab and Go Book Lists in the Document Types field
  3. Click Search
  4. Use the Limit Your Results column on the right side of the Result List to limit by audience.

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3. Use Picture Book Extenders to teach reading comprehension

When you’re working with younger readers, try NoveList’s Picture Book Extenders (PBE). Each PBE describes how the picture book can be used as a:

  • Reading comprehension tool
  • Enrichment to curricular content areas
  • Springboard to other activities

It’s easy to find PBEs on specific lesson topics in NoveList. For example, when doing a unit on bugs, try this search in NoveList:

  1. Enter bugs in the search box
  2. Click Search
  3. From the Result List, select the Lists & Articles tab
  4. For your bug unit, “Nasty Bugs: Poems” might be perfect for you!

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4. Find new kinds of texts with Genre Outlines

It’s hard to know all the different styles of texts, or genres, that are out there. But you need to help students find books they are both interested in AND that meet their learning objectives. Use NoveList’s Genre Outlines to learn about different genres and to help your readers find just the book they want to read. Each Genre Outline includes:

  • An explanation of the genre
  • Why readers enjoy it
  • Some key titles and authors
  • How you can talk to your readers about the genre

To find the Genre Outlines in NoveList:

  1. Click the Teaching with Books link from the right side of the screen
  2. Select the Learn About Genres link from the list on the right
  3. Select the audience level you are working with

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We hope that these suggestions get you started finding some great teaching resources in NoveList. Here’s one more tip -- our September issue of Kids & Books will be focused on Common Core and nonfiction topics. Subscribe to Kids and Books so you don't miss it.