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The Best of 2012: A Retrospective

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted February 08, 2013 in NextReads, NoveList Plus, NoveList Select

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It's always fun to have a moment of retrospection and look back on the most interesting, engaging, or innovative books of the past year. I'm Kathy Stewart, and along with Kim Burton we develop NoveList's Recommended Reads lists. This year, we decided to draw on the collaborative expertise of our NextReads subject area experts to create some all-new "Best of 2012" Recommended Reads lists!

Not only do the "Best of 2012" lists reflect the rigorous selection criteria of these book experts, they also showcase their personal passion as readers. They combine specific criteria with their intuitive knowledge to identify books with je ne sais quoi -- as staffer Ellen Foreman puts it, "Books that are exceptionally well or creatively executed, books that address uniquely appealing subject matter, and books that address ordinary subjects in unexpected ways."

Below is a list of all sixteen "Best of" lists -- you can find them all inside NoveList. (Get a sneak peek at the first one -- a free download is provided.)

Find these Best of 2012 lists in NoveList:

Best Science Fiction 2012
Best Armchair Travel 2012 (NoveList Plus only)
Best Mysteries 2012
Best Fantasy 2012
Best Historical Fiction 2012
Best Romance 2012
Best Biography & Memoir 2012
Best Horror 2012
Best History & Current Events 2012 (NoveList Plus only)
Best Fiction A-Z 2012
Best Thrillers & Suspense 2012
Best Popular Culture 2012 (NoveList Plus only)
Best Teen 2012
Best Tween 2012
Best Older Kids 2012
Best Younger Kids 2012

We hope you'll enjoy our experiment with new Recommended Reads lists. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Kathy is a juvenile content specialist at NoveList. She is passionate about children's literature and secretly yearns to be the next J.K. Rowling. Kathy devours books for teens and reads adult nonfiction in her interest areas, gardening and food. She fits in adult fiction whenever possible.