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The Value of Promoting Databases

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted March 07, 2014 in

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I always found it extremely difficult to market databases when I worked in libraries. It’s probably because the approach we took usually consisted of trying to fit the names of all the journals for any given database into a small box on a webpage or in a newsletter. Sometimes we’d get really inventive and list them in alphabetical order with lots of white space between entries.  Either way, it made for very boring copy and gave us less than desirable results.

Here’s the real problem. The value proposition for library patrons isn’t the number of articles found in a database. It is the content -- all of those full text articles! As my current team develops LibraryAware, we are taking on the challenge of building marketing materials that generate excitement for that database content.

We pulled together database managers, creative designers, brilliant techies and savvy marketers to come up with a solution. Rather than try to promote a database, we extracted interesting articles and built ad campaigns for them. The results were pretty stunning. We were so excited that we decided to create ads every month for some of EBSCO’s most popular databases and offer them to our LibraryAware users. Each ad will have the article link in place so all you’ll need to do is open and publish it. Your patrons will be able to click on the ad and, after authenticating, will be taken directly to the article.

Below is a small sampling of the materials we’ve created. If you would like to learn more about this strategy or see more ads, join us for our upcoming webinar on Increasing Database Usage. Hope to see you there! 


Nancy Dowd is the Product Lead for LibraryAware. Her passion is helping libraries connect to their communities.