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Tips for an Interactive, Engaging Facebook Page

Post by Cassi Broach
Posted May 30, 2013 in

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There is no single tried and true method for getting thousands of Likes and hundred of Shares on your Facebook page -- and should that really be the end-goal of your social media strategy? In the long run, thousands of Likes don't add up to much if the engagement isn't there to back them up. Your Facebook page should be a space for continuous engagement and interaction with your fans. Here are a few tips that will keep your Facebook interaction, interactive!

  • The 80/20 rule. 80% of your posted content should be lighthearted, relevant, and most importantly, not plugging your products or services. 20% should be promotional, informative content about upcoming events, new title releases, and programs.
  • Post content regularly, at least once a day. Maintaining a consistent presence keeps your brand awareness high. Plan your content ahead of time -- LibraryAware makes it simple to schedule your Facebook posts in advance, freeing up time for creating other great promotional pieces like flyers and bookmarks for upcoming programs.
  • Stimulate engagement. A simple text-only status update isn't likely to generate interaction. Hold a "Caption this Photo" contest or conduct a poll. For every piece of promotional content posted to your Facebook, schedule corresponding posts for 3-5 "fun facts" relevant to that content. These "fun facts" can be anything from a "Did you know...?" to  "True or false..." This keeps your Facebook audience interested and engaged with your promotions.
  • To get interaction, you must interact! Increase your presence and gain more followers by being active on other Facebook pages as well. Share status updates, comment on phots, and watch the followers come flocking. 

Cassi is the Communications Specialist at NoveList. In her spare time she enjoys reading post-apocalyptic fiction and entertaining her cat.