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We Can Help You Keep Up…All Year Round

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted December 15, 2014 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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You never know when inspiration will strike.  And, often, good preparation means that you have to work on planning summer reading…in January. Sound familiar? To help you with your work planning  stellar programs and services -- no matter what time of year you’re working on them -- be sure to check out our Keeping Up…Seasonal Inspiration page, where you’ll find all kinds of content, from lists and articles to support seasonal activities like summer reading, recurring events like Dia, and also media tie-ins (psst...Downtown Abbey). 

Find it in NoveList

It's important to note that the Seasonal Inspiration page is only available in NoveList and NoveList Plus (not in NoveList K-8 or NoveList K-8 Plus). There are a few simple ways to find this page:

1. Simply type Seasonal Inspiration in the search box


2. Look for it in the Readers' Advisory Toolbox. In the top menu bar, click Professional Toolbox, then select Readers' Advisory. It's featured at the top of the Toolbox.


Give us feedback

We would love to know if you find these Keeping Up pages helpful. Please send us your thoughts and feedback -- there is a feedback link at the very bottom of the Seasonal Inspiration page.

Kathy Stewart a Juvenile Editor and Bibliographer at NoveList.