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What are Your Favorite Genres?

Post by Krista Biggs
Posted April 30, 2014 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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Everyone has favorite books and genres -- those you suggest any time you're asked...and maybe even when you're not. For example, my brother continually waxes poetic about the naval adventures written by such authors as Alexander Kent or C.S. Forester (to no avail -- I'm still just not a fan). In turn, he sniffed at my recommendation for Gates of Fire (mainly, I am sure,because it wasn't set on a boat).

We asked the authors of the May 2014 issue of RA News to share some of their favorites and they really came through. Whether you're helping readers with tried-and-true genres like Romance or to find something new, check out this issue for some tips and resources.

We're welcoming two authors new to RA News: Jen McConnel weighs in on New Adult fiction and how it differs from Young Adult fiction. Deborah Taylor discusses works by her favorite young adult author, Angela Johnson.

Romance remains hugely popular. Becky Spratford shares a list of her favorite reference sites for helping Romance fans find more books to love. Finally, for nonfiction aficionados, Mike Nilsson highlights some excellent true crime books.

What's one of your favorite genre reads? Tell us, and share a few lines about what makes that book so great! If you know any set on a boat, my brother might even read them...