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What We’re Reading: Hawkeye

Post by Alina Gerall
Posted October 10, 2014 in NoveList Bookshelf

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Hawkeye by Matt Fraction

Recommended by Alina Gerall

What is it about?

Clint Barton -- aka Hawkeye -- regularly saves the world alongside the rest of the Avengers, wielding his bow and arrow in defense of humanity. But this is a series about what Clint does when he’s not an Avenger.

Why I like it:

As a fan of both Matt Fraction and Hawkeye, I was predisposed to enjoy this series. But Fraction’s determined and so very fallible Clint and David Aja’s spectacularly sparse and muted art still managed to surprise me with their nuance and charm.  I love the delicate balance between the noir-ish themes of loner Clint trying to do good but perpetually falling short and the bright and sassy Kate Bishop as she uninterested in getting dragged down by Clint’s mishaps.

Interesting Tidbit:

The 11th issue in the Hawkeye series (which can be found in Vol 2: Little Hits RID 10216652), "Pizza is my business," is a mostly-silent issue told from the point of view of Clint’s lovable mutt, Lucky aka Pizza Dog. This charming and hilarious comic won Matt Fraction and David Aja an Eisner for Best Single Issue.

I’d recommend this book to…

Readers new to comics who liked Hawkeye in the Avengers movie, longtime comics readers who like a balance between action and character development in their superhero stories, and anyone with an appreciation for deceptively simple art. Start with Hawkeye, Vol. 1 My Life as a Weapon.

Memorable Quote:

Ok… This looks bad. You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor. Magic. Super-powers. Super-strength. Shrink-dust. Grow-rays. Magic. Healing factors. I’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and string from the Paleolithic era. So when I say this looks "bad"? I promise you it feels worse.

Alina Gerall is an Associate Juvenile Bibliographer at NoveList.