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What We’re Reading: I Adored a Lord

Post by Katherine Johnson
Posted October 03, 2014 in NoveList Bookshelf

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I Adored a Lord by Katharine Ashe

Recommended by Katherine Johnson

What is it about?

This is Regency period romance is also a locked-room murder mystery set in a snowbound castle in France. A guest is found murdered and the hero and heroine investigate while young women are presented as potential brides to a Portuguese prince.

Why I like it:

I'm a sucker for mysteries, and this is also an engaging, leisurely paced romance with a feisty but conflicted heroine and an honorable but troubled hero. The setting in the castle, with occasional scenes in the snowy outdoors and in a stable, vividly enhances both the romance and the mystery. All the characters are interesting, and the heroine's and hero's characters are especially engaging and convincing.

Interesting tidbit:

There are lots of red herrings in the investigation, and the solution to the crime is a big surprise.

I'd recommend this book to…

Anybody who likes mysterious romances  or romantic with mysteries, provided they also enjoy leisurely paced, descriptive narration. I Adored a Lord  is the second installment of Ashe's The Prince Catchers series.

Memorable quote:

The most memorable quote would give away the mystery, but this one is also good. The hero has gone to a nearby hermitage to make his confession, and the monk wonders why.

"I kissed a girl."



"Vitor, you are bound for the madhouse."

Katherine Johnson is a NextReads Bibliographer at NoveList.