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What We’re Reading: Look Up!

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted July 30, 2013 in NoveList Bookshelf, NoveList Select

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Look Up!: Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard

by Annette LeBlanc Cate

"No matter how small your corner of the world, there will be some birds in it."

This spring, I've seen three different kinds of birds first create nests, then successfully raise babies from nests all around my home (upper reaches of the front porch; a pine tree near the driveway and from within the propane tank top. Animal life up close has always fascinated me so of course I'm drawn to both fiction and nonfiction for children highlighting the fun that can be had outdoors. Imagine my delight finding Annette LeBlanc Cate's fact-packed, cheery nonfiction book on bird watching. With its emphasis on the fact that youngsters need no equipment to get started and that birds live in both urban settings and in the country, this slim picture book may be just the thing to entice a curious child into becoming a bird watcher. It's a book children will want to return to as there is plenty of information packed in, from bird identification clues (shape, coloring, song) to migration patterns and geographical range for different birds, included from the tips in the end papers to helpful facts presented via fun cartoony drawings.

-- Kathy Stewart, Juvenile Content Specialist and Editor, Kids & Books