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What You Need to Know About Common Core State Standards

Post by Beth Gerall
Posted June 06, 2012 in NoveList K-8 Plus

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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a hot topic among librarians and teachers these days. From what I’ve been hearing, most people are looking for book lists that fit grade and subject areas -- especially if text complexity has been taken into account. Our team at NoveList is eager to understand the needs of librarians and teachers when it comes to CCSS. We’ve been busy following the trends, but we are looking for additional feedback.

Recently, NoveList added several book lists that were originally created by Melissa Cardinali. Melissa works with New York Public Library’s Branch Collection Development department to curate resources related to CCSS. These lists focus on a subject area for a specific grade. You can find these lists in NoveList Plus by simply searching for “Common Core” in the search box. We also have an example of one of the lists that you can download here:

downloadAnimal Adaptations - Grade 3

I would love to hear if you are interested in book lists such as these -- or if there are other materials that would be more helpful. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are your thoughts on the kind of list shown in the example above?
  • Would a smaller list of books, paired with relevant questions/activities, be helpful?
  • What other kinds of CCSS resources would you find invaluable?
  • What specifically could NoveList offer to help you succeed with CCSS?

I know there are a lot of ideas out there, so if you have a few minutes, please let me know what you would find helpful from NoveList as you navigate the new teaching standards yourself, or need to support teachers as they come to the library seeking books to coordinate with teaching.

We have a special feedback form set up for you to send me your thoughts. It will only be available until June 29, 2012, so please respond as soon as you can.

CCSS Feedback (available until June 29, 2012)


~ Beth Gerall, Juvenile Content Lead