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What’s Your Library’s Value Proposition? Follow Up to the Webinar

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted March 21, 2013 in

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We had a fabulous turnout for our recent webinar on Building a LibraryAware Community: The Value Proposition.  If you missed it, you will be very excited to know that I recorded my comments so you can listen to the archived recording. It doesn’t include the audience questions at the end (some of which were really insightful), but you’ll get the meat of the message.

Some attendees asked for a copy of the worksheet I used in my presentation. You can download a copy of my Communication Blueprint for your own use.

During the webinar, I briefly mentioned LibraryAware and how you can use it to communicate you’re your audiences. Please consider coming to a follow up demo of LibraryAware.

Finally, I really encourage you to also sign up for the next webinar we have scheduled in April on building strategic partnerships. My colleague Pam Jaskot will be leading that one, and I know it will be inspiring.



Nancy Dowd is the Product Lead for LibraryAware. Her passion is helping libraries connect to their communities.