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Why readers love Neil Gaiman (and how to find more authors like him)

Post by NoveList
Posted April 10, 2012 in NoveList Plus

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Author Neil Gaiman successfully writes in a number of different genres and formats. If you're unfamiliar with Gaiman's work, or love it and want to find more like it, NoveList has an easy solution: Author Read-alikes.

What is an Author Read-alike?

Author Read-alikes from NoveList begin with a quick summary of what people like about a particular author, and then provide a list of authors who write in a similar vein. It's a great way to find books based on what you already love to read.

Download a Sample

NoveList recently released an Neil Gaiman Author Read-alike. Download it now for a glimpse of the kinds of helpful content you'll find inside NoveList.