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Wish I’d Known

Post by Beth Gerall
Posted August 15, 2014 in NoveList K-8 Plus

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When I worked as a school librarian, countless times a teacher would ask me for a book, "…You know the one…it was over on the shelf, near those other books? It had a blue cover with a bird on it?..." Likely it was a book I weeded or a book the library may actually never owned, but the teacher wanted it because:

1. She had always taught using this book, or

2. The title was listed as part of a lesson

Sound familiar? Of course I always offered alternative titles when we didn't have the one requested. Grabbing another book to recommend, I would quickly pitch how to use the book in the classroom. Sometimes the teacher would take it; sometimes not. I sure wish I'd known about Picture Book Extenders. How great would it have been for the teacher to have a summary of the book, a few discussion questions and a couple of activities -- right there on one page. We had NoveList and if I'd thought to look there, I would've searched a subject or topic, been able to find a great title with a PBE, printed it off and handed it to her. 

If I'd known, I would've also printed off several of those and placed them, on display, with the books featured in them. That way, the teachers would get new teaching ideas, exploring new books as part of their instruction.

So now you know. If you work with younger elementary school kids, here's how to find PBEs in NoveList:

Or, search by subject, then click the Lists & Articles tab:

Beth Gerall, NoveList Creative Content Supervisor, has more than 18 years of library experience, mostly as a public school teacher-librarian and counts dystopian fiction as her light reading.