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You Can’t Read Everything (But We Can Help You Keep Up)

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted August 05, 2014 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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We've all been there. I call it the 'genre in the headlights' feeling, when you get a question from a patron that for you, for whatever reason, is a stumper. Sometimes, there's just no time to get ready.

Recent survey data by RUSA, Library Journal, and NoveList supports this: only 54% of respondents felt they were very effectively or effectively delivering readers' advisory services -- a quandary for those who work in libraries, read avidly, are passionate about books and who want to help their patrons.

We all want to stay current with genre trends and core authors/titles/series in a given genre but what about helping patrons find books in genres we just don't read? [*cough cough* Horror] And, never mind keeping up, what about helping those readers who don't feel comfortable seeking out a conversation with library staff?

We're launching content that (we hope) will help you feel better prepared, that we're calling Keeping Up.  While we don't promise to answer all a patron's questions, we'd like to think this content will serve to increase your book knowledge and serve as a springboard for future conversations with potential readers. You'll find relevant articles, lists and reading maps for adults and teens and maybe even some inspiration.

We're beginning with four Genre pages (like, Keeping Up... Mystery). We've collected all four pages on one table of contents page, accessible via top menu bar in NoveList and NoveList Plus (look for the 'Genres' link). Or just type 'keeping up' in the search box, then look under Lists & Articles.

Each one has a feedback form at the bottom - let us know what you think!

Access Keeping Up... Pages from the top toolbar... Or by typing "keeping up" in the search box