June 4, 2020

Aggregated reports are coming to the Select Dashboard

With many library buildings across the country still closed to the public or in early stages of re-opening, online catalogs have continued to be open to digital browsing, and NoveList Select has continued to enrich readers’ engagement within it. During a time of social distancing, the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard has been there to provide insights to help library staff remain connected to readers.

The Dashboard already supports this connection with helpful insights into digital browsing trends within a libraries’ catalog or other Select-enriched application. Later this month, we will extend the power of the Dashboard with aggregated metrics. For library consortia, buying groups, and systems that maintain multiple instances of NoveList Select, we’re offering an easy way to view usage data both at the system level and at the individual organization level. 

Dashboard users with permission at the system level can quickly navigate the Dashboard’s updated drop-down menu to jump between the aggregated view and individual organizations they have access to, all from a single user account. And it’s a snap to quickly download the data from any table or chart to a CSV file, making it even easier to store and manipulate the data further. 
This feature is essential for both understanding how NoveList Select is used system-wide and for observing organization-specific trends.

If you need some ideas for how you might use this data, we’ve already got some great articles about positioning front line staff for success and using the information from the dashboard to inform collection promotion and drive circulation

If your organization uses NoveList Select but you haven’t yet requested access, contact our support team for your Dashboard login credentials. And if you’re not yet a NoveList Select customer, but would like to learn more about how Select can both connect readers to recommended titles at the point of need and offer insight into trends among your community users, ask for a demo!

Sam Stover is a Product Manager for NoveList. He's always a fan of books that are character-driven


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