November 27, 2018

EveryLibrary and LibraryAware voting YES on libraries

When I was growing up, my parents always took me with them when they went to vote -- every single election; general, primary, special, local, national. They taught my brother and me that you always vote. You always show up. Moreover, they also taught us that when it came to ballot measures on budgets that fund libraries and education, you always vote YES.

I should mention that both of my parents were educators and that my first job was as a page at my local public library. So perhaps we were biased? I don’t know. Chances are you are a librarian or an educator if you have come across this blog post, and there is no need for me to wax poetic about the importance of libraries and education to foster vibrant and healthy communities. However, sometimes communities need a reminder. And sometimes we need to nudge others to get to the polls.

With my background (and career working with libraries and educators), it’s no surprise that I was thrilled when I first learned about EveryLibrary and its mission of creating, renewing, and protecting public funding for libraries of all types. So I am thrilled to share and to be a part of this partnership with NoveList and EveryLibrary to work with five libraries on their 2019 campaigns. These libraries will have access to LibraryAware and its thousands of templates to promote their ongoing programming, books, and online resources. We’ll also be working with them to create new campaign-specific templates to support their 2019 Informational Communication Campaigns.

As 2018 comes to a close, an election year with mixed results for libraries and new insights to glean, I hope you find some time to rest and relax this holiday season. Then it’s back to work doing the wonderful work building community that libraries do. And I’ll see you and your community at the polls, voting YES for libraries.

Molly Wyand is the Partner Development Consultant for NoveList.


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