June 19, 2020

New reports are available in the Select Dashboard

Written by:
Sam Stover


Two new features are now available in the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard: Aggregated reports for systems and consortia customers and a new chart visualizing reader views of NoveList Select back to January 2018. Dashboard users can use these new tools to understand reader engagement with NoveList Select’s catalog at the individual organization and system level.  

Charting views over time 

If you are new to our data terminology, views are the number of times NoveList Select provided enrichment to your users. Other analytics tools might use the term impressions to cover similar types of metrics, but we ultimately settled on views as more intuitive and less ambiguous (and yes — as writers and readers ourselves, we spend an inordinate amount of time deliberating about our word choices).  

When we released the Analytics Dashboard last year, we knew offering views data would be a huge hit, and it has been. Our customers continually tell us how much they appreciate the information they can access in the Dashboard and that its data visualizations are easy to understand at-a-glance.  

However, we also keep hearing, loud and clear, that users wanted a more historical perspective; they want to be able to chart their organizations’ views data over time. We’re excited that we are now able to offer this additional visualization, complete with the ability to export the data to a CSV in support of additional data projects.  

Aggregated Reports are here! 

In case you’ve missed it, library systems and consortia that maintain multiple instances of NoveList Select across several organizations can now see their data aggregated at the system level, as well as at the individual site level — all from a single login.  

This feature allows users to quickly observe trends and differences between systems and sites, providing rich insights into what users are browsing and interacting with across a large, multi-location organization. 

Please contact our support team if you would like to learn more about the availability of this feature for your organization. 

Would you like to see more? 

If you’re interested in learning more about how NoveList Select can connect the readers in your community with the best recommendations from your collection, please reach out to us. We’d love to show you what NoveList Select can do for you and your community.  

Sam Stover is a Product Manager at NoveList. 


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