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Guide to Launching LibraryAware in Your Library

Launching LiraryAware

Suggestions for getting LibraryAware off to a good start!

Before launch:

  • Fine tune your account set-up. Our support team will help you with this, beginning with contacting you to discuss your custom set-up. We will set up the admin settings and branding to start you off.


After launch:

  • Sign up for training. We have training for every type of LibraryAware user.
  • Get your staff excited! Watch this video together to learn about the possibilities and then start to brainstorm about what you can do.
  • Bookmark links to help and tutorials.
  • Look at the LibraryAware Pinterest board to take a peek at what other libraries are doing.
  • Sign up for NoveList News to receive the latest updates from NoveList.


We also have launch guides for NoveList and NoveList Select.