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A recharged LibraryAware is coming in August

Posted August 14, 2014

We have so many great things to tell you about the next release of LibraryAware that it is hard to know where to begin. Below are some of the highlights, but check out our release index for a full list, along with links to how-tos and tutorials. We also encourage you to sign up for a “What’s New” training session (or watch a recorded session right away) by one of our product experts who will explain the changes in detail.

All-new tools for working with images

The number one request we’ve heard from users was that they wanted more tools for cropping, resizing, moving and working with images. We redesigned the whole experience of working with images so that you can get them exactly the way you want them to look. You can even add borders. Did we mention that you can also wrap text around an image? We think this will really allow you get creative with your visuals.

All new toolsl for working with images in LibraryAware

Introducing… Stars!

Even though LibraryAware is great for collaborating with others, sometimes you want to be able to focus on just the work that is relevant to you.  To make that possible, we are introducing the star system which makes it possible to “star” items you want to see and filter out everything else. You can also use it to set email notifications so that you only get emailed when your own newsletter issues are ready.  

Introducing stars

Get ready to “Save as”

Yes, it’s true. It’s now possible to do a “save as” and make a copy of an item. Such a simple thing, but it will save you a ton of time. We’re all doing a little happy dance about this one!

Make a copy of items in LibraryAware

Lots of new templates and tools for creating readers’ advisory materials

We’ve made it easier than ever to create bibliographies – lists of books, in both brochure and bookmark format. Just select a list of titles (you can even upload a list of ISBNs) and we’ll pull in the whole package: book jackets, titles, authors, abstracts. Book lists made in no time at all. We also added advanced searching tools for keyword, author, title, and ISBN so that you have more precision when searching for the right book.  And, new templates for shelf-talkers, shelf flags, and 2-sided flyers will also help you circulate readers’ advisory advice throughout your library.

Current users should watch for these new features during the week of August 18, 2014.