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LibraryAware Announces New Release, Improved Editor

Posted March 20, 2013

The latest version of LibraryAware contains new features and improves the experience of creating promotional items. The release is expected to be available to customers during the week of March 25. Here are the highlights:

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It’s Easier Than Ever to Create Items

The interface for creating and editing items has been revamped to simplify the entire process. In a simple two-step process, users first add “reusable” content, and then edit the document as needed. We’ve also made it easier to find just the right template by tagging all the templates with keywords and adding template search and filter capability.

New Options for Newsletters and Interest Groups

We’ve added a new section to LibraryAware for managing subscription newsletters (in preparation for the integration of NextReads newsletters, coming later this year). Subscribers also have better options for managing the kinds of information they receive – we added a page for them to subscribe or unsubscribe from specific newsletters and interest groups. Send them exactly the kind of information they want.

Just Right: Get the Size You Want

We continue to expand the available template and size choices. Many customers asked for larger flyers, so we’re pleased to say that the newest flyer templates are 11”x17”. Just the right size for posting on a bulletin board! Plus, we created the flexibility for you to create dynamic widget sizes. Tweak widgets to the right size for your website.

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We've scheduled some special training sessions to highlight the new features:

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