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New Features in LibraryAware: March 2015

Posted March 23, 2015

The latest release of LibraryAware will include two big improvements: email validation and copying between promotions.

Better delivery with new email validation

Lots of problems get in the way of successful email deliveries – outdated addresses, typos, errors, and more.  This has impact on both delivery statistics and on the timely delivery of all emails (even legitimate emails can get blocked if there are too many bounces occurring). This is a common problem that happens with all email systems.

In LibraryAware, we are taking extra steps to decrease these problems and increase the likelihood of successful email deliveries. We’ve added a behind-the-scenes validation process, putting all email addresses through several checkpoints to ensure that they are in working order.  Additionally, we’ve put into place a system that will provide you with an up to the minute reporting on the status of your bulk uploads.  We think you’ll love this new feature.

Making copies

We added the ability for you to copy items from one promotion to another. Whether you just need to move an item, or make multiple copies in different places, this makes it simple. We know this might sound like a simple change, but it’s been a frequent request and we’re happy to deliver it!

We also added the ability to make a copy of a newsletter. Again, a simple change that we hope will make users happy.

These new features are expected to roll out to current customers during the week of March 23, 2015. See a full list of updates and enhancements in the knowledgebase.