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New features in LibraryAware v1.1

Posted August 24, 2012

LibraryAware was officially released just a few short weeks ago, but already we have some terrific new features to announce. In fact, expect a new feature announcement from us every few months because we plan to continually improve the product until it achieves perfection (or near so).

With the release of v1.1 (expected release: during week of August 27), you will see the following new features.

Powerful segmentation options

Give your users the option to subscribe to one or more of your segmented lists – giving you the power to target your messages even more strategically.

Access templates and resources across your organization

You now have the ability to define access to resources (or not – it’s your choice) across multiple parts of your organization in LibraryAware. Need to give all your branches access to the same custom color swatch? Done. Need to create a list of e-resources for all accessing sites? Go for it. Need to specify which templates are visible to your branches? Sure. You decide.

Custom colors

A new custom color picker and editor gives you flexibility to create color swatches on the fly and save them for future use. Create the exact color combination specified in your library’s branding guidelines. Immediately see how your colors look using the real-time preview. You can also change font colors anywhere you need to – you have the flexibility to change a word, a sentence, or the entire page.

Faster, Easier, Better

A number of new features are designed to make LibraryAware easier and faster to use. There is a new checkbox that gives you the ability to “show only my promotions” so you can easily hone in on what you’ve been creating. There are new options that allow you publish or send items from right inside the editor – saving you a few clicks. An improved image caching system speeds up the display of all those high-quality images and photos. And, an improved subscriber import function now handles duplicate emails so you can bring in thousands of subscribers with no worries.

Enjoy. And watch for our next round of enhancements coming soon.