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New features in the January 2014 release of LibraryAware

Posted January 7, 2014

The latest version of LibraryAware includes several new features including subscriber management features, new paper sizes, expanded image options, and improved posting to Facebook. Users will see these new features in the next release, currently scheduled for the week of January 6.

If you’re a current user of LibraryAware, here’s what you can expect to see:

New Subscriber Management Features

Interest groups are a powerful way to segment and target subscribers with specific interests, and now you have even more options for managing your interest group subscribers. New options include: search by group, list subscribers by group, count subscribers, and export subscribers. Plus, you can now choose whether to make interest groups visible (or not visible) on your subscription page.

Image gallery of promotional itemsInternational Paper Sizes

Looking for A3 or A4 paper sizes? To support our growing base of customers around the world, we added international sizes to our print formats. All of your favorite print items – flyers, half sheets, bookmarks, etc. – are now available with the new dimensions.

Expanded image options

Want to use your LibraryAware creations in digital signs and other places? We added a new link to every item so you can link to the image version. (You can still download the pdf version as well.) We also created a place to gather all of your item images in one place – inside the image gallery. Just look for the tab at the top labeled “Promotional Items” and you’ll see images of everything you’ve created.

Improved Facebook posting

We’ve made the whole process of posting to Facebook easier and better. There’s new support for uploading images and photos directly, and more options for editing the fields for your post.

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