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New Features in the Latest Release of LibraryAware

Posted August 13, 2013

The latest release of LibraryAware (expected release date: August 14, 2013) includes many new features that will improve functionality and design. Highlights of the release include:

Easy Linking to Library Resources
Want to send patrons directly to your e-resources? A persistent link is the way to do it, and now LibraryAware makes it easy to insert persistent links. Patrons will be able to click on links that go directly to your catalog and e-resources. A great way to increase usage!

New Content Types for Newsletters
We added functionality that dynamically creates a clickable table of contents for your e-newsletters. Fill in your newsletter, and the table of contents fills in automatically. You can edit the settings (and the content, too) to make it look exactly as you want. Also new is a custom content section that makes it easy to add things like separators and other special content.

International Address Support
For customers in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, we now have support for specific address formats.

Looking Forward
You may know that we’re working to integrate our NextReads newsletters into LibraryAware (if not, read the FAQ). With this release, we’re one step closer to making that a reality. All your favorite features of NextReads (including advance lists) are coming soon. Stay tuned for more announcements about the transition.