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Upgrades in April 2014 release of LibraryAware

Posted April 9, 2014

We love feedback from our customers. We’re especially excited about this latest release of LibraryAware because it is composed entirely of upgrades based on customer feedback. We hope that you’ll find at least one or two things here that will make your work just a bit easier.

New in NextReads

Working with an advance list is easier than ever
We heard that users wanted more functionality from the home screen of the NextReads advance list, so you can now view ISBNs, search your catalog by ISBN, and search your catalog by author/title – all from the main screen. No more clicking on each record! And, ordering from Baker & Taylor is now enabled for publishers and editors (in addition to administrators).

New opt-in page

Great new features for newsletters
The newsletter area is chock-full of upgrades. We’ll just list a few biggies here:

  • You can now specify default branding for each newsletter list – so it's easier to get creative and give each newsletter a different header .
  • You can now add multiple books at once from a list of ISBNs – this should save you loads of time if you create newsletter issues from book lists.
  • You can now check the web/catalog links right from the editor – no more having to go to the preview first.
  • New reports are available – the reports tab now has a newsletter send history (including opens, clicks, etc.) and a newsletter subscription history (including new subscribers, total subscribers, etc.)

And a few more new things…

  • You can create a newsletter widget based on just a single issue
  • You can use AV records in newsletter widgets
  • You can create custom color swatches from inside the newsletter editor
  • You can hide inactive widgets and inactive interest groups

New in NextReads AND LibraryAware

Improved opt-in page
We know a lot of you like to customize the opt-in page and possibly embed it in your existing web pages. So we updated and streamlined the whole thing. Now you can create a separate opt-in pages: one for interest groups, one for newsletters, or one that combines both. We’ve also redesigned the newsletter area to make it more simple and compact. [ND3] And you have options to choose how to display the page so that it makes the most sense for your library.

New choices for sending email
Want to welcome new patrons? Or send a special message to last month’s subscribers?  It’s now possible to send an eblast or e-newsletter just to subscribers from a specific time period. Simple, yet powerful.

We hope you enjoy the new features.