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Common Core and NoveList K-8 Plus

NoveList K-8 Plus is an ideal solution for librarians, parents, and teachers looking for Common Core resources for students. A key focus of Common Core State Standards is nonfiction. NoveList K-8 Plus includes extensive nonfiction reading recommendations, plus additional documents that help teachers select appropriate texts and create assignments based on the standards.

Specifically, you can use NoveList K-8 Plus to:

  • Get Common Core Connections by grade/unit
  • Find fiction and nonfiction books that meet Common Core standards
  • Download quick lists of recommended books by topic
  • Get help for teaching with books

Common Core Connections

The NoveList team creates documents especially targeted at teachers and school media specialists, called Common Core Connections. These documents identify books that relate directly to specific sections of the Common Core standards, and then suggest discussion questions based on those books. The Common Core Connections are an invaluable, time-saving resource.

Books That Meet Common Core Standards

In NoveList K-8 Plus, you can search by topic, age range, reading level, and more to find just the right books to meet the needs of students. 

For Public Libraries Too

We know Common Core is not just an issue for schools. Parents, students, and teachers all bring questions about Common Core to their local public libraries. NoveList helps libraries answer those questions effectively and efficiently.

Note: we also offer NoveList Plus, which is a very similar to K-8 Plus, but includes reading recommendations for all ages.

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