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LibraryAware helps libraries connect with readers and keep them engaged. It includes templates and tools to create newsletters, bookmarks, shelf talkers, flyers, and more for promoting books and resources throughout the library and beyond. Included:

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“We’ve used another online design program but it’s not meant specifically for libraries so it doesn’t help us when we need a quick Summer Reading Program flyer or book display sign. LibraryAware has those items already made up for us, and we don’t have to be graphic designers either.”
— Kristy Lockhart, Weymouth Public Library

“I don’t think I’d ever make a flyer that’s not made in LibraryAware — they just come out so much better.”
— Deborah Kinirons, Reference Librarian, Gold Coast Library

"Our librarians plan such amazing programs, and we need beautiful, eye-catching designs that really allow us to showcase those programs. The LibraryAware flyer templates really fit the bill!”
— Jennifer Wells, Cobb County Public Library

"LibraryAware is the perfect solution for a smaller library system that has to do its own publicity on a regular basis."
— Rachel Langlois, New Hanover County Public Library