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LibraryAware FAQs

What is LibraryAware?

LibraryAware is an online design program specifically for libraries. With its ready-to-go print and email templates, libraries can easily promote their collections, programs, and services. Templates can be used as-is, or libraries can customize and create their own event flyers, newsletters, social posts, bookmarks, shelf talkers, and website widgets. With LibraryAware, engaging readers in your collections, programs, and resources is easy!

Is NextReads included?

Yes, NextReads’ 20+ book newsletters are included in your LibraryAware subscription. You can offer all the NextReads newsletters to your patrons if you like, or select the newsletters that appeal the most to your patrons. Books for NextReads newsletters are selected by librarians at NoveList, who then carefully craft annotations to appeal to your readers. Our newsletters will automatically send to your subscribers, so you don’t need to do anything. Learn more about NextReads and watch a demo.

Is there a limit on the number of subscribers or LibraryAware users we can have?

No. You can add as many LibraryAware users to your account as you like. And there is no limit on the number of newsletter subscribers you can have.

What about the number of newsletters or promotions we can create or the number we can send out?

There is no limit on the number of newsletters or promotions you can create in LibraryAware, and there’s no limit on the number of subscribers or sends. You can create and publicize to your heart’s content!

Are the images, book jackets, and annotations available for me to use?

Yes. LibraryAware includes thousands of images, book jackets, and book annotations. They are free for you to use in your LibraryAware promotional materials, widgets, or newsletters. You can also upload your own images to your LibraryAware account, to use in your materials.

You are also welcome to use any of the ready-to-go templates available—no changes are needed!

Does this work with the other NoveList products?

It does! You can post flyers and other items that you create in LibraryAware to NoveList Select in your catalog. If you have NoveList Plus, you can even import book lists from your NoveList folder to newsletters that you create in LibraryAware.

What metrics are offered?

LibraryAware offers a lot of ways for you to see the impact of your promotions. For the emails and newsletters that your library sends, you can see the number of clicks, unique opens and views. You can even see what type of device subscribers are using to access your emails, and the number of bounces and unsubscribes (along with these subscribers!).

For widgets and social posts, LibraryAware gives you data on the number of views and clicks on widgets, for particular dates.

How much does LibraryAware cost?

The cost of LibraryAware is determined by the size of your library’s population. Submit a request for a custom quote for your library.


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