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Tools for Libraries

LibraryAware includes a number of tools that are huge timesavers, designed especially for the needs of libraries.


Resource promotion kits

Benefits-driven messaging and eye-catching images remind your patrons that the library offers more than just books. LibraryAware comes coordinating emails, bookmarks, and flyers that make up our resource promotion kits to help your customers learn about services you offer like LearningExpress, the ELI Entrepreneurial Mindset Training Course, and NoveList. Find examples on our Pinterest page.


Professionally designed templates

Most of us are not graphic designers, so it’s a relief to have templates that look good (and that make you look good!). Choose from hundreds of flyers, bookmarks, emails, and more. Everything can be customized.

IMage Gallery

High quality images

Do you spend lots of time searching for the right image – and then wondering if you have the right to use it? LibraryAware comes with thousands of images, ready for you to use immediately, with no worries. Many of them are high quality images from Getty, while others are our own unique images. All of them are chosen for their relevance to libraries.

Book jackets

Book jackets and annotations

How often do you need to add book jackets to a flyer or reading list? With LibraryAware, you get access to millions of book jackets and annotations.

Connections to your catalog

We designed LibraryAware to work closely with one of the most valuable tools in your library (your catalog). You can post promotional items from LibraryAware to your catalog. Recently, we added the optional On The Shelf (OTS) feature which shows you in real-time whether the books you're promoting are available in your collection.


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