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Linked Library Service FAQs

How can I get my library in the Google knowledge graph?

The Google knowledge graph incorporates libraries that have their data published to the Library.Link Network, a network of MARC records from libraries that have been published as linked data. Linked Library Service transforms libraries MARC records into the needed data formats and publishes them to the Library.Link Network for Google and other search engines and web applications to find and use.

Where can I learn more about linked data?

These two videos are a great place to start:

What products are available to help us get started with linked data?

NoveList is offering two products:

  1. Linked Library Service is the data transformation/publishing component, and
  2. Linked Library Enrichment is the enrichment of that data.

Both products together are the ideal combination to get your library maximum visibility.

What is the network? is the behind-the-scenes architecture where linked data is published and becomes visible to the web. Web search engines crawl the network to generate search results that then point to your library. Over 1000 library locations are part of the network.

Which format(s) are included in the Linked Library Service?

There are four primary linked data formats: Bibframe,, Dublin Core, and Facebook Open Graph. Those four primary formats -- plus many others -- are included in the purchase of NoveList’s Linked Library Service.

Why is it important to publish in multiple formats?

There isn't a single format that takes care of all linked data needs.Bibframe was developed specifically for the library community, but is used by most search engines, and Facebook Open graph is used for social data. All of these webs of data can connect to one another, so the more compatible your data is with different formats, the more connected it will be.

How often does the MARC export need to be done? 

We need to receive regular exports to keep the information up to date. The suggested frequency is monthly. The preferred approach is a full export at the beginning, with update exports thereafter. However, if the update exports are complicated, then full exports each month are acceptable too. We prefer for the export to include holdings information (which will improve geolocation of results), but if that isn’t possible, just bibliographic records are acceptable.

Is linked data compatible with any ILS?

As long as you can get us a full MARC export of your catalog records, yes.


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