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NoveList for Self Checkout

Where are your patrons? Checking out books at the self-checkout station! Thanks to our partnerships with selected self-checkout vendors, you can expand your readers' advisory reach beyond the reference desk -- to every single person who checks out their own books.

self-checkout receiptHow it works

As patrons check out their books on a self-checkout machine, "Recommended Reads" from NoveList appear on the screen. Patrons can place a recommended title on hold, print details, or email themselves information.

Be where the readers are

Adding recommendations to your checkout stations reinforces the library as a book discovery service. Now you can reach those "drive-by readers" who are in the library for the time it takes to check out their hold books.

Give them a reason to come back

Recommendations in self-checkout stations encourages readers to return to the library for more, increasing library circulation and usage.

Available for purchase only from these partners

Self-checkout enrichment requires a separate purchase. Please contact these companies for purchasing information:


Why I love it"Setting up reading recommendations was easy. It's simple to manage and we could immediately see an increase in our NoveList statistics. Patrons are being exposed to many more recommendations each time they check out."
-- Jeannie Dilger, Executive Director, LaGrange Public Library