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On The Shelf

With On The Shelf (OTS) we let patrons and staff know—in real time—whether a recommended title is available in your library. Now readers can find the perfect book that is ALSO available for check out.

NoveList Select with On The Shelf

NoveList Select with On the Shelf

OTS helps readers answer these questions:

  • Is this title available at my library?
  • Which formats are available?
  • Are there any copies available right now for me to check out?

Where is it available?

We can add OTS as a feature in these NoveList products:


Want a quick peek? These snapshots illustrate the kinds of availability information OTS provides:

OTS in NoveList
OTS in NoveList

OTS in NoveList Select
OTS in NoveList Select

OTS in LibraryAware
OTS in LibraryAware

How Does it Work?

OTS works through APIs – we use an API from your catalog/ILS vendor to pull in real-time availability information and display it in our products. To get started, you’ll need to provide us with an API for your catalog that provides real time availability data; see detailed instructions for getting your API. Note: not all ILS systems have an API available; if that is the case, we won't be able to enable OTS.


Just let us know that you're interested by sending an email to (this email addresses work for all products). We'll guide you through the set-up requirements.