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Our People

We have over 25 librarians on staff, plus others from around the country who contribute their expertise to NoveList. Our staff bios give you a sense of their reading passions, but they don’t give you the full picture of their commitment to the library profession.

NoveList librarians are active members of the library profession, participating at every level from serving on ALA committees to volunteering at libraries. Wondering what that means? Here is a sampling of what our librarians are up to outside of their regular NoveList work:

  • 9 serve on book award committees
  • 9 have presented at conferences
  • 6 review for professional journals
  • 3 have published articles
  • 3 guest teach MLS classes
  • 2 have been awarded the Romance Writers of America Librarian of the Year award
  • 2 serve on ALA committees
  • 1 has been elected to ALA office

Our librarians are active in the profession for the same reasons you and your colleagues are -- because public libraries and reading change lives. Like you, we think it's important to be a part of this life-changing work.