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What is the Difference Between NoveList and NoveList Plus?

Wondering what the difference is between NoveList and NoveList Plus? There are two: nonfiction and audiobooks. NoveList Plus includes both fiction and nonfiction titles, and now it also includes information about audiobooks. This chart illustrates the differences:

Showing the differences between NoveList and NoveList Plus

Which One is Right For Your Library?

We think NoveList Plus is the best option for most libraries for these reasons:

  • Audiobook recommendations: It's never been easier to find the right books to listen to!
  • Nonfiction: Readers love to read nonfiction too, so make sure you cover all the bases.
  • More titles: The number of titles included in NoveList Plus is about 70% higher than in basic NoveList.
  • Encourage reading for all ages: NoveList Plus meets the needs of readers of all ages.

Narrative Nonfiction

Nonfiction is very popular with readers. The nonfiction included in NoveList Plus is meant to appeal to readers reading for pleasure. That means we don’t include every kind of nonfiction – no textbooks, for example, but also no instructional books for cooks or knitters. But we do include biographies, narrative nonfiction, and other kinds of creative nonfiction that readers enjoy. Nonfiction is important to students, parents, and teachers. Many classroom assignments rely on nonfiction, and finding the right book for each reader is critical. Read more about how you can use NoveList Plus to find curricular resources.

Note: we also offer NoveList K-8 Plus, which is similar to NoveList Plus, but includes only the books written for younger kids. We encourage libraries to choose the NoveList product that meets the needs of their community.

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