Educates Patients

Evidence-Based Patient Handouts

EBSCO Health makes it easy for nurses to educate patients with a comprehensive collection of evidence-based patient handouts which nurses can reference to help them explain a condition or procedure to a patient. Patient education is essential to providing high-quality care and provides evidence-based material to help your hospital meet applicable Joint Commission Standards.

Patient Handouts can be Accessed via Nursing Reference Center Plus and Patient Education Reference Center

Patient handouts are available in Patient Education Reference Center and Nursing Reference Center Plus. Many hospitals subscribe to both resources and integrate PERC with NRC Plus for a greater breadth and depth of patient handouts that can be accessed from the NRC Plus interface.

Medical Handouts Cover Multiple Categories

Patient Education Reference Center provides evidence-based medical handouts on the following:

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides evidence-based medical handouts, please visit Improves Nursing Skills

Handouts are Customizable, Multilingual, and More

Below are some of the features of the patient handouts:

  • Patient handouts are provided in both English and Spanish
  • Optional upgrade includes handouts in an additional 15 languages
  • Easy to understand and provide medical illustrations
  • Can be branded with a hospital’s name and logo
  • Nurses can include notes to individual patients
  • Easy integration with EMRs

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